Giving back to our supporters

Our recent crowdsale had some difficulties, which required us to halt the sale and deploy a new crowdsale contract. Everyone who sent a transaction to the first contract wasted their transaction fees, and some miscommunication caused a number of people to miss the relaunch of the sale.

We are truly sorry these technical issues caused such confusion, and to show our appreciation for all our supporters we will be doing the following:

Reimbursing gas

If you sent any transactions to the first smart contract between the hours of 2AM and 4AM GMT, December 16th, you will receive a payment of ETH equal to the fees/gas you spent on these transactions.

These payments will be sent from BRD’s corporate finances (not the crowdsale proceeds) within the next few days. Reimbursements will automatically be sent to the address that sent the transaction(s) to the crowdsale contract.

Airdropping BRD tokens

As an apology for the confusion caused, and as the first act of our new loyalty rewards program, we will also be sending 30 BRD tokens to everyone who participated in the crowdsale. You will receive these tokens if you did any of the following:

  1. Sent a transaction to the first contract between 2AM and 4AM GMT, Dec. 16th.
  2. Sent a transaction to the second contract between 4AM and 6AM GMT, Dec. 16th.

Exactly 30 BRD tokens will be issued to each person, regardless of how many transactions they made, how many BRD they purchased in the sale, or whether or not their transaction(s) failed.

These tokens will be sent out automatically at the end of the crowdsale to the address that sent the transaction(s) to the crowdsale contract.

All airdropped tokens will be sent from BRD’s portion of tokens created in the token sale. No additional tokens will be created.

Am I eligible?

Only participants who completed registration and were cleared to participate in the token sale are eligible.

Enter your email or Ethereum address from the sale to check eligibility.

So what happened?

Our crowdsale utilized 2 Ethereum addresses and 3 smart contracts, all working in tandem. All code was externally audited, and we tested the entire system multiple times on both testnet and mainnet. All tests passed.

We did all of our tests using a regular Ethereum account as the beneficiary of the ETH collected in the crowdsale. For the live crowdsale, we wanted to use a third-party multisig wallet as the beneficiary. There was no indication that this wallet would have any issues receiving ETH, as that is what it was designed to do! We reviewed the code and everything looked fine.

Unfortunately, as soon as the sale went live and transactions started rolling in, we immediately saw all incoming transactions were failing. We were able to see the failure was being triggered in the third-party multisig wallet, but we couldn’t figure out why. We decided to deploy a new contract and swap out the multisig wallet for a regular account. As soon as we confirmed this would work, we announced the sale would be restarted 2 hours after the original sale launch.

The relaunch went smoothly, and all tokens were sold out in less than 2 hours.

We are deeply touched by the amount of attention our project has received, and it pains us to know the problems with the launch of the sale caused so much frustration and grief. We hope that with this gesture, we can demonstrate that BRD understands it is only as strong as its community. We’re on a mission to revolutionize the financial industry, and it starts with the individual. Each and every one of you plays a part in this story, and together, we shall accomplish great things.

Thank you for your continued support!

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