Bread is the simple and 

secure bitcoin wallet

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Bread lets users independently hold their own funds.

  • Customers in over 120 countries
  • $2B USD protected by Bread around the world
  • Fastest growing bitcoin wallet

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Say hello to Bread Rewards

What is it?

As Bread prepares to rapidly expand into all aspects of global finance, we are launching the first-ever wallet-based rewards program, built around the Bread token.

Bread tokens will unlock a long list of perks for users of the Bread platform. Token holders will enjoy discounts, sequential tiers of complementary or exclusive access to premium features, and full white glove service for our most elite customers.

Tokens can be earned through various promotions, such as giveaways, opt-in surveys, or even automatic airdrops for frequent users. Bread tokens exist on the Ethereum network as a standard ERC-20 token, which means access to these perks can be freely bought, sold, or transferred independent of the Bread platform.

160 million BRD tokens to be issued

105.5 million total tokens available for purchase

32 million for corporate and promotional use

22.5 million retained by Bread

  • All tokens sold for Ethereum at the rate of 1 ETH for 300 BRD
  • Presale and crowdsale both have a time limit and token cap
  • Any unsold tokens will be reserved for promotional giveaways
  • Follows standard ERC-20 spec

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Our Team

Adam Traidman CEO, Co-founder

Adam is co-founder and CEO of Bread. Previously, Adam was CEO of WearSens, a wearables startup focused on monitoring eating habits. Earlier in his career, Adam was CEO of Chip Estimate, acquired in 2008 by Cadence Design Systems. He has held a variety of sales, marketing, management and engineering positions throughout his nearly two decades in the hardware, software and Internet industries. Adam began his career at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Caltech in the fields of hardware and software engineering. He is also an avid angel investor and part time venture partner with a Silicon Valley venture capital firm.

Bread Advisors

Charlie Lee

Inventor of Litecoin, Co-founder and Director of Engineering at Coinbase.

Ben Davenport

Co-founder of Bitgo and inventor of Facebook Messenger through the acquisition of Beluga. Bitcoin and crypto technical visionary.

David Johnston

Inventor and author of token-based fundraising and the original token white paper. Founder of Dapps Fund and a pioneer in decentralized organizations and technologies.

Batara Eto

Founder of East Ventures and the inventor of Mixi, Japan's first wildly successful social media network. Avid international investor and entrepreneur.

Shinji Kimura

Seasoned entrepreneur with multiple successful high ROI exits and IPO’s. Thought leader in technology, and crypto ICO pioneer.

Mai Fujimoto

Founder of Kizuna, a bitcoin-based charity and philanthropic non-profit. She has been instrumental in growing the business of several significant bitcoin exchanges, mining operations, and other crypto companies.

Advisors to Bread are advising the company on technical and strategic plans and are not endorsing any fundraising event or token sale and may or may not be participating themselves.

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